Christian D. Collection

Introduction by the designer

The Christian D. collection is dedicated to the most famous French fashion designer of the 20th century, Christian Dior. His fashion lines inspired me to ‘dress up’ my furniture design. The large circular handles are a wink to the extra large buttons of his charming coats.

As Christian Dior only used quality & timeless natural materials, I’ve decided to use the oak wood for the construction of this ‘Buttons collection’.Oak wood reflects the timeless accent very well in my design.Already during the middle ages, oak wood was used in Europe for constructing the royal furniture lines.The oak tree is at the same time symbol for wisdom and dignity and reflects the connection between heaven and earth.

Looking closer to the details, we note that the visible wood grain with it’s natural patina is the result of long history in craftsmanship and this look will even become more and more beautiful year after year.

Being concerned about our planet, as more and more objects seems to be constructed to have only a short lifetime, I want to give my furniture not only a look that will survive time because of it’s personal original lines, but also the guaranteed quality of construction of a long life object build with long life materials…produced with integrity for generations to come…

‘for the love of wood’

Steven Vetters